We have gathered resources to help inform and protect members during these trying times. We will continue to collect and distribute information regarding Covid-19 from reputable sources. To help with navigation, information is broken down beginning statewide and narrowing down to individual Boroughs, Townships, and finally departments.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your H.A. Thomson Loss Control Specialist.

Navigating the gradual re-opening of Pennsylvania:

Municipal Buildings, Meetings, and Staff:

In short, when it pertains to limiting contact and lessening the spread of Covid-19 everyone should follow guidance from the CDC, as well as State and local government officials. Those workers who are able should be encouraged to work remotely and focus on core business activities. In person, non-mandatory activities should be delayed until the resumption of normal operations.



EMS, First Responders, Police, and Volunteer Fire Companies:

Water & Wastewater Employees (Municipal Authorities):

Parks, Recreation and Swimming Pools: